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Diabetes Dialogue

Welcome to my Diabetes Dialogue.  As I've mentioned, I have a daughter with type 1 diabetes.  We've been living with diabetes for ten years now, and, I have come across a great number of phenomenal people in my journey with this disease.  One thing I feel very strongly about is that connecting and educating myself (and hopefully others) is crucial to living this life. 

On this page I plan to relate all things diabetes that I run across.  I hope that the links will help to connect people with resources.  First up, great news from JDRF!!  Follow this link to see what JDRF dollars are doing for you or your loved ones!!

Next, just a few of the many resources out there, but, ones I have come to rely upon greatly:

Southeastern WI JDRF Website:
(for local news on events, netoworking and educational opportunities!)

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