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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Power of Dew

Hmmm...I'm not sure I should write about this, but, if it is making me chuckle ironically in my head, I think it may be worth sharing...

Recently my youngest (12 yrs old) has been involved in an extra-curricular activity that has taxed her beyond anything we could have imagined.  She has practice four days a week for hours at a time.  It is for what I call, "the Olympics of the brain" and this year, the kids are having a tough time of it.  The solution to their quest is not coming easily and the personalities are strong.  She's wiped.  She's burned out.  She's emotionally, physically and mentally on fumes.  Add to that the homework and every day middle school life and she's struggling, to say the least.

I've encouraged, I've cheered, I've coached on the strategies of life...but yesterday, even I was wiped out...and it was 7:00 in the morning!!  So I pondered througout my day, regained my strength and when I got home from work I was ready for a good old fashioned pick me up speech.  And then, I saw her on the couch, trying to sink in so I couldn't make her out from the pillow behind her...and I went for the Hail Mary of kid-pick-me-ups (at least, in our house, where the kids are doomed to healthy snacks and drinks as much as I am able!).

I sigh, "Okay, kiddo, we gotta get you ready to go!"  She comes over and buries her head in my shirt.  I rub her back and start my peppy engine, "How about some chocolate milk?!"  no response  "orrrrr," (and this is when I throw in the towel) "rrrr, a Mountain Dew?!"  Her head pops up!  "Really?!!"  I think to myself, "yeah, really?!"  "Yep, you've earned it, don't you think?"  "OKAY!"  She runs downstairs to our "stash it here if you want it to last" 'fridge.  I hear the pop of the can on her way back up the steps. 

Yes, I have given my Type 1 daughter a Mountain Dew.  I feel crushed inside, but, then I see her face as she emerges from the steps...oh my gosh, who would have thought that one little can could bring so much joy!  "I've never had one of these before, you know!"

I know.

"Sweetie, test and dose yourself ... right away ... (I almost want to say, "and make it a double!" but that is just silly, I know!) 

To the average joe, I know soda isn't a big deal and you all may be thinking that we really need to live a little more at our house, but, there are certain things that we just don't partake in if they hold no nutritional value long as we can hold out, anyway.  My teenager is the one who has the stash of Dew in the 'fridge, since, as I've been told, "Milk is not cool, Mom" and she would never offer it to her friends when they are over.  Dew, on the other hand, is a home run with teenagers and certain adults who might just need that jolt of sugar and caffeine somewhere in their day as well!

Well, let me tell you, that throwback can with the "made with REAL SUGAR" label on it was all my daughter needed to have a perma-grin on her face as she stepped out of the car for another practice last night!  I picked her up two hours later and she was still perky!  Working hard and standing upright...huh, I thought to myself, "there ya go".

We got in the car and I asked how things went.  Usually, lately, it has been "ugh, can we not talk about it?!  I have to live this life, you know!!" or something like that.  Tonight, I got a "Pretty good!  And, I still have energy!"  ...uh-oh, she now knows the power of the Dew... I cautiously tell her, "Now you know honey, that was a special ... "  She interrupts me, "I know, I know...but now I get why Sarah likes it!"  I think to myself...add to list, buy padlock for downstairs 'fridge!  But, I cannot help but's almost like Rusty getting his first beer there out in the desert...a right of passage of sorts...and she's still smiling!

Perfect parent?  NO WAY.  Good parent?  Not necessary all the time or on any given day...but, sometimes, it is fun to give in ... this is a small thing, I know, but, it did make me laugh at myself, so...I thought I'd share...a smile on your face is worth it!

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