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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sometimes, they tell you just what you want to hear...

I know I've written about this's path and the changes that take place along the way...some we're ready for, and some throw us for a loop.  Maybe the loops are there for us to really treasure the moments that life hands us, that small moment that is a gift.

Living with a teen and a tween certainly has brought us lots of changes and stories and ups and downs and in-betweens...and oh, has it brought us "moments"!  I'm sure every parent can relate to that moment when you realize that your mom, your dad, your grandma and grandpa, that stranger on the street was right when they said, "Enjoy it, it goes by so quickly!"  as your toddler was running somewhere and you were chasing after, half laughing and half fearing the fall that would inevitably come!  That moment when you turn around and your toddler has now surprised you with a new, larger, smarter, capable young person, in the blink of an eye it seems.  You look back and have that moment of, "Where did the time go?!"  My oldest is going to be a Junior in high school next year!  We're having REAL conversations about college, for crying out loud!  My youngest is coming up with phrases that ... well, wait, she's always done that...but, now she prefaces her feelings by saying, "Please excuse my language, but..."  and she's trying to express herself in a mature way. 

(I'm going to knock on wood here but,) the days of tantrums seem to be over.  Those days have given way to discussions and understanding.  Oh, we still have our moments of rough-housing and snipey remarks between the girls...but I scold with a feeling of reminiscence and the moments pass quickly.

I catch myself, I know, that lurking around every corner are new battles, new experiences, both good and bad, but on a different level now.  There are new threats to a skinned knee as my daughter grabs the car keys... new heart stopping moments and we cheer our children on in their sport of choice that they seem to have to dedicate their lives to bridges to be crossed as independence shows us opportunity for our children time and time again...after all they ARE still our CHILDREN.

And then, if we're lucky, we have a moment like this morning...
My Caitie, who has lived with her diabetes since she was seven months old, has surprised and astounded me with her resilience and her grace through living with this disease.  We have had serious discussions at a very early age, with me assuring her that she will NEVER have to battle alone.  I will always be there for whatever she needs me to be, and will always be there to help, support or fight for her.  As we have gone through our journey, Caitie has become confident in her care, able to do just about everything except for be a contortionist and get a pump site injection on her backside.  I have stepped back into the shadows watchful and wary, proud and encouraging...she's on her way to someday managing this disease in a house or a dorm away from me...and I'm actually getting okay with that.  So, it prompted this moment, that took me by surprise and made my heart skip a beat...

This morning we were discussing a field trip for tomorrow to the museum all day.  My daughter is in sixth grade~that means 12 years old, and, traditionally, I go on field trips to watch over her in the may lay that is a middle school field trip experience.  I do not expect any of the incredible teachers to be able to recognize and attend to my daughter if she has a low reaction...and the thought of her stopping to have a juice box and losing her group still is a I step in and take the role as chaperone and everyone wins...I think.  This morning I started to wonder, is it time?  Am I crowding her?  Is she embarrassed?  I think she's ready to fly solo, but... well, it seemed time to ask.   And so I did.
"So, Caitie," I said, "you know how I come along on the field trips and keep an eye out for you..."  "Yeah," she says. 
"Well, I was just wondering, what do you think?  Do you think you that you can go and keep an eye on things and be good to go on your own?"
Her answer made me take a sharp breath in...what she said filled my heart.
"Well, I like having you there on field trips, Mom."  It wasn't for the diabetes that she was saying this...she just spoke from her heart.
"Well, that's that then."  "Thank you for saying that Caitie."

A moment.

My 12 year old daughter still wants me around.  :)  That's that.  I'll take it for as long as I've got it.

Just one more...I was also informed last night, by the way, that "when you get old, Mom," by my two daughters, "please don't ever grow your hair out to your butt and please don't dress like you are a teenager.  That's gross."  Do you know what I reveled in last night?!  "when you get old"!!  THANK YOU LORD for the small gifts you give!!  Please keep 'em comin'!!

So anyway, I wanted to share that with you...because I think we all have those moments but we may let them slip by with the other chaos that is our lives.  Think about it, I bet you've got one...a moment...

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