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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Again, It's Been Awhile...

Hello, old friend. :) I have learned a lot the last month and a half. First off, I am ambitious. My mind believes I can accomplish anything and with great vigor. I've also learned that time is not infinite and that it must be managed with is valuable and what you do with it means something, as it vanishes sometimes without cause or result. With learning these lessons I am sure of two things: I want great things for myself and my family, and, I must utilize my time to make those things happen.

So, I will continue to blog, because I do enjoy it--the writing and the possibility that maybe I make someone's day brighter or bring something to the table for others to discuss with their precious time...however, I know my limitations a bit more clearly now and blogging every day is not a realistic goal for a mom who is looking for full-time work and trying to manage the health and well-being of her entire family. So, my NEW goal is to write once a week. This I think I can manage, and, still progress with my hope of becoming a "regular" on some readers' lists. I hope you'll follow me on my journey and continue to give me feedback.

The last month has given me pause on many fronts...I recently went to the doctor with my daughter to discuss the summer and diabetes and what a ten year old can do with both. This has given me a new respect for management of, and living with, diabetes-even after living with it for ten years. It is a family disease, it is 24-7 and it is not for a ten year old to manage or own. I have a very responsible, very healthy ten year old who is much too precious to burden with this disease and all of its woes. More on that later...maybe... ;)

We are a family in transition. The economy has not been good to us, but, we strive to persevere. We are working hard, making every effort to get ahead of the bills and we are bonding together to make things better. We are not alone in this struggle, I know, as the nation holds families like ours all across the land. I do believe we will all be better because of it. Getting back to what matters, treasuring family and friends instead of things. It's good to remember this. A s'more is more than a s' is time spent around a campfire, talking, sharing and building memories that will last longer than the jeans or the shoes we're wearing. This is good. :)

I am a woman entering a new phase in my life. I am finding strength deep within and I am focusing on what is important to me and making a plan to move into the next years with success and pride. I am entering the workforce again after years of "just being a mom"...but, I am so aware that I am still needed to be present in my role as Mom. I have daughters that need nurturing, that need to build strength and self-confidence, that need a great role model. I have a husband who needs support and a partner on this journey, and I have a family that needs me in a million other ways. I love being supportive and I am excited to take on challenges and find success in every aspect life has to offer.

So, blog on, I will, and, hopefully, you'll enjoy!

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