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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Whole Lotta Learnin’ Goin’ On…

A Whole Lotta Learnin' Goin' On…

This week has brought about sleepless nights and clarity. Do what you love, love what you do, and if you can't do that…at least do what you think is right.

With the start of school, there are butterflies in the stomach and anticipation in the head…what will this "New Year" bring for us, the students? Some of us are students in the school, but all of us are students in life…the "New Year" has begun with such promise…

As I sit here listening to my freshman giggle in her room while talking to a friend, I am happy for her—freshman year can be rough, but, she came home the other day and told me, "Mom, there's a new girl in my American History class who said that if she didn't know I was a freshman, she would have thought I was a sophomore!!" Smile across her face…grabbing the memory and stamping it in my brain. And the smile crosses my face. Yeah for her!! Self Confidence is a great thing.

My #2, as I call my child in "cyberland" is equally thrilled with school and her teacher. She's 10 years old but she seems to be ready to run things…critiquing the "Open House" where 400 students descended upon the school in 90 degree weather at the end of summer to have their picture taken, and, equally as many cars clogged the streets around the school. "Why didn't they have us come by grade?" Priceless. She's got one a day, for sure. Always a step ahead and it thrills me to see her shine.

And, I too, am growing…on my travels for employment I am learning SO MUCH about myself. Really, so much about who I am and what I believe in. This is good—an added bonus, actually, because I was pretty sure about what I wanted when I started the quest. Amazing what we can learn if we listen, really listen, to our hearts and our conscience.

Now, with a holiday weekend in full swing, I count my blessings, my friends and family, and I have new resolve for my direction. Fantastic. If everything works out, boy, will I have stories to tell!

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