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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Susie Says...

Susie Says, you gotta go on the Bloody Mary Milwaukee Food Tour! This is sure to become one of your favorite Sunday Funday events!

My hubby and I spent the mid-morning experiencing one of Milwaukee's little treasures...we signed up online for the Bloody Mary tour and got our meeting spot emailed to us. We met our group of 16 and our awesome tour guide at the Milwaukee Public Market and proceeded to take a walking tour of the Historical Third Ward with stops along the way to sample restaurants' signature versions of the beverage and some very tasty and unique brunch items. The tour lasts about two and a half hours, and you sample from a variety of great restaurants. We were treated to four good-sized Bloodys and ample samples from each of the eateries.

The day could not have been more perfect, crisp cool weather and bright sunshine met us at our starting point, along with other couples and groups ready for a little adventure! We were in a group with a couple of "empty nesters" who were quickly re-labeled as "dating again" - one celebrating an anniversary. A group of four who were looking for new places to eat and things to do, a couple that had driven for 17 days straight, were still getting along great and wanted a break from the driving, and another group up for fun on a Sunday. Our tour guide was just the right amount of perky with a story of how she had broken her nose the night before, and showing no sign of pain (though she rated it later as a 7)! She was full of fun facts, interesting tidbits of historical stories and always ready with a relaxed attitude and easy smile. Charming.

We started walking down the street and chatted about great establishments that were noteworthy but not on the tour today--they change things up so if you decide to take the same tour again, it will be just a little different each time. Our first stop brought us to my favorite Bloody of the day and huevos rancheros, which I had never tried before and LOVED! Yum! Next on the tour were lots of fun history facts about who settled where and when...around the corner and we entered an Irish pub for a Bloody Molly (made with Irish whiskey, of course!) and some fries and a Reuben quesadilla. We shared plates of food at each venue and never were feeling underwhelmed. After meeting the owners of the Tour and having a lovely conversation with them, we ventured out again and found ourselves on the Riverwalk for a twist on the Bloody with specially infused spirits. We dined on Breakfast Pizza that was light and flavorful, an egg fried right on top! Lots of fun, new things to try, it was awesome! We finished off our tour at a local brewery with another signature Mary and incredibly yummy french toast! Since this was a brewery by name, we were treated to a chaser as well.

The anniversary couple was surprised with two Oreo Truffles that were big enough to share with us and leave a good helping for our hard-working guide! What a lovely way to spend the day! Each stop allowed for the chance to sit by someone new, chat and relax before moving on to the next. We left the last stop and walked along the river, stopping to hear about the cream city brick and its place in Milwaukee history. We ended up where we started, at the Milwaukee Public Market, with a parting gift of specialty seasonings from the shop in the Market as well as a dark chocolate melt away from the local candy confectioner.

I would highly recommend this tour, and, wouldn't be surprised if all of their tours are as wonderful! Follow the link and check them out! They've got all sorts of things going on and they really do things right. A great way to experience Milwaukee and, I must say, a Perfect Date Day/Night event!  Go to and sign up for one now!!

Two tips for you if you go:

1. Bring your appetite! My hubby was going to have a bowl of cereal before we left and he was very glad he did not do that--we were stuffed and ready for a nap when we were done!!

2. The tour guides can accept tips and you'll want to be generous! They do a fabulous job and really appreciate the sentiment!

So, enjoy, and, look for more reviews...we got a great tip on a fun and different kinda thing goin' on that we are excited to try out! Stay tuned for what Susie Says next!!

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