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Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Hello 2011! 

I am so happy to see you here!!  The kids are off to school, Dad's in California, my wonderful, hardworking husband has been at work for hours already, and I've got my coffee cup by my side.  I missed writing.  Although, now that I think about it, my new job allows me to be a bit creative and that has helped!

Yes, I've taken on a part-time job that leaves me fulfilled and excited to go to work.  The change has not been without hiccups for my family~but they are a great bunch who are working through the challenges.  Many thanks go to my Dad for helping with the transition and the carpooling and "being there".  Now that we're on track, I am really looking forward to a good year.

The end of the year was bittersweet.  We saw family and friends and enjoyed the company of many.  We also lost a dear friend and had to say goodbye.  As time is rushing by (it seems like lightning speed when I look at my girls!) I'm trying to be concious of the everyday wonders.  The laughter of my children, the amazement at something new...  sounds rather corny, I'm sure, but, really, why not be looking for the good and the wonder of it all?  What have we got to lose?!  :)

This year promises new challenges, new adventures.  First stop for me is trying to organize my thoughts and my life!!  Wish me luck as I transfer all the birthdays, anniversaries and "important dates" on to my new "carry it with me" calendar!!  Yep, I'll let you know how it first test is getting a birthday card out next week so it actually makes its destination to a special person on time!!  I'm horrible with that and I've vowed to make the people who are important to me a priority!!  My heart is in the right place, really!! 

Having transferred all the dates for work, school, activities, etc. I see we are starting out the year double and sometimes triple booked!  Here we go~I guess next on the agenda will be carpooling and finding more slow-cooker meals!!  :)

I'm also learning to navigate the new world of technology with the IPad and hoping to do more "Susie Says" reviews of local establishments.  I've got a few in mind, but, if you are curious about a place and would like me to check it out, please let me know!!  I'd love to go check something out you've suggested and report back!  First on the list:  a THANK YOU to my teenage music lover for recommending Pandora Radio to me!!  Jack Johnson Radio has become one of my favorites!  Take a listen and enjoy!!

I'm looking forward to an exciting 2011, and, I hope you'll hang around and be a part of it.  I'm off to the races now, (after I finish that coffee!)...

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