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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Susie Says...

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have done it!  I have found the key to success for my many roles/responsibilites/dates/events and to-do's!!  You have got to check out the website I've linked to, Amy Knapp's Family Organizers...all I can say is, Wow!  And, Thank you, Amy!!  I know, kind of pathetic the way I am getting so worked up over a calendar, but, let me tell you, it has all the bases covered!

I picked up my "fits in my purse" organizer after I bought Amy's Giant Grid Family Organizer for the kitchen wall.  The big calendar still fits on the inside of a kitchen cupboard cabinet door and it has a place for all the important things you need at your fingertips.  The regular "phone list" for school, doctor, emergency numbers, as well as to do lists for the month, project lists, and, my favorite "why I bought it", a place to put your weekly menus so you can plan ahead and everyone knows what to expect!!

I sat down and transferred all my info to the calendar.  The computer wasn't cutting it for me because people couldn't see it at a moment's notice and even though I could put it on my phone, it was hard to manage.  The old fashioned kitchen calendar was the answer.  But, how to make sure I had that info with me...hmmm...then I saw it! 

On sale, at Barnes and Noble, right after the New Year!!  The sidekick companion to my dream come true, a pocket version of the Organizer!!  I ran home (well, drove home, humming to myself, wondering what organizational heaven I was about to embrace?!)  There it was, I peeled off the plastic and caught my breath!!  A perferated grocery list on the left, a to-do list, large enough to actually let me write my to-dos for the week, the weekly calendar on the right with menu organizers next to each day.  Heaven!!  :)

I have been using my organizer every day, in every way, tearing off the grocery list, getting the shopping done, crossing off the Done's on my To-Do!  It is grand, and, yes, I do believe this is the best organizer out there for a Mom on the Go!!  Hurry!  Go Get One!!  Let me know what you think!!

Thanks, Amy, for more time, more organization and a little piece of mind! 

Now go!  Check it out!!

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