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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being a Mom...of a child with Diabetes...follow up!

Good Morning!

I thought you might be wondering how that ol' field trip worked out, and, I wanted to check in with you all and tell you some refreshing, comforting news as well.

First, we have "escaped" the rattle of percussion at our home, it would seem.  I had actually gotten used to the idea and was enjoying my vision of my daughter behind the drums, "letting it all hang out"!  I had fast forwarded my vision, of course, past the hours of practice and thumping, to the famous "drum solo" that makes you think you might want to take the drums up yourself!!  Ah, but, alas, my daughter had completely forgotten she had said she wanted to take the drums and fell in love with the Alto Sax.  Yep, I'm still smiling that wry smile...lovin' my blues baby!!  ;)  I'm sure there will be more to come on that as I just now remembered that my oldest went to band camp for a week...hadn't thought about that ... and...not going to right now!! 

Moving right along to my comforting news, I also wanted to let you know that I could not be more pleased with the middle school faculty and their forethought and compassion for our position.  The school nurse met with the principal last week (yes, in February) to start to discuss my daughter's transition into the middle school.  The principal was welcoming, thoughtful and insightful to what this means for all of us and had fantastic suggestions on how to help my daughter manage the transition as well as take care of diabetes while on their watch.  The school nurse called me to let me know about their meeting and to move the process along so all involved would be educated, safe, and comfortable.  This school has already started to work as a team, which, we all know is uber-important when it comes to taking care of diabetes.

I was at an event last night where a group of adults were talking about living with diabetes (I help to organize an Outreach initiative locally for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and they put it quite well.  "You can't do this alone"... "self-management" is a misnomer.  Diabetes is a family disease...and as this rings so true in my own ears, I am filled with a great feeling of hope as I see my daughter's new faculty embracing that thought...  "hooray!"  I think, quietly, hopefully, to myself...ever guarded for my daughter, I am so happy to think that, yes, someone will care enough to know... and a thank you note goes on my to-do list as I write.  "hooray!"  I again think quietly.

And, to cap the morning off, I was talking with my soon-to-be middle 5th grader, about her adventures into band, and, into middle school..."Are you excited for middle school?"  I asked, one eye on her expression as I said the words.  Thoughtfully, she paused just a second..."Yes, yes I am!"  she said.  And again, I said inside, "Hooray!"

Have a great day, everyone...kiss your kids, make a snowball, be sure to laugh.  :)

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  1. It would be fun to make a snow ball...but snow here in Cali. :(

    I'm so glad the school is on board and prepared! What a blessing!!